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Street Photography- Castillion Florentine, Italy

Alley Blur 

Cutting of the ribbon for Th May Fair 

Statue in park

street photos_Page_1

Pink Bug

I Got A Surprise Today!

My birthday is coming up on July 1st and I have been feeling a little depressed about it. My daughter and grand kids usually visit for my birthday and this year they can’t come. I am going to be 53 and I think just being over that 50 puts me in a whole other category. I am getting OLD!

So today when the post man came knocking on my door it was a wonderful surprise. My sister Liz who designs jewelry (Archipelago Jewelry), like me (Cami Jewelry) sent me this gorgeous pair of earrings.

I Love,love,love, these earrings. Thanks so much Liz for the wonderful surprise today!!


Street Photography _ Arezzo, Italy

Balloons for sale! 

Couple in city square 

Spong bob balloon

Weekly Photo Challenge – Create

I design and make jewelry. This is one of my newest designs. I live on the beach and love the water, thus the name Sea Song. It is made using Black Leather, Fresh water Pearl, Shell, and glass pearls for a great summer bracelet.

Sea Song lyrics by: Tears For Fears

You look different every time
You come from the foam – crested brine
It’s your skin shining softly in the moonlight
Partly fish, partly porpoise, partly baby sperm whale
Am I yours? are you mine to play with?
Joking apart, when you’re drunk you’re terrific
When you’re drunk I like you mostly late at night
You’re quite allright
But I can’t understand the different you
In the morning
When it’s time to play at being human for a while
We smile, we smile, we smile
You’ll be different in the spring, I know
You’re a seasonal beast
Like the Starfish that drift in with the tide, with the tide
So until your blood runs to meet the next full moon
Your madness fits in nicely with my own, with my own
Your lunacy fits neatly with my own
My very own
We’re not alone

You can find my jewelry at:

Dress for Summertime Success!

Summer is here, and as the temperatures rise, the hemlines also rise. In the summertime it seems like anything goes in the wardrobe department. That is not necassarily the case for the workplace.

I started working at Envie Boutique a month ago and just recently got promoted to part of the management team. Therefore I want to wear attire that adheres to company’s dress code policy. Working in retail can be different than working in an office atmosphere.

Dressing for the workplace when its warm outside can be challenging. You have to find the right balance between staying cool and looking professional. remember you are aiming for a sharp sophisticated look.

Being part of the management team means I work at both of our retail stores, Envie Boutique, which is a higher end retail shop, and Salty Beach Outfitters, which is more of a casual beach shop. Robert Hosking, executive director of staffing service OfficeTeam, shares this advice:”Even if you know for certain that the dress code is casual, make sure you are dressed on the higher end of the scale.”

SHOES: If your company allows open toe shoes, Keith Fulsher, Chief merchandising officer at Dress Barn, says to try pairing your outfits with stylish strappy sandals or wedges.

Dresses and Skirts: Dresses are a great choice for warm weather. Stay cool tip for the summer: Get rid of polyester and instead go for linen and cotton fabrics which will keep you a lot cooler in the summer.

Tops: If you decide to go sleeveless make sure no straps are showing. Also make sure the rest of the outfit is more conservative.

Shorts: If your company allows you to wear shorts make sure the length is not too short. A good way to check is to stand straight, arms on side, if shorts are above the tips of your fingers then it is too short. This is a good rule of thumb for skirts also.

Colors: Switch to softer neutrals and pastals for the summer. Avoid black as it is much hotter. Choose colors such as white, off-white, taupe, gray, and navy.

Appearance: It is equally important to take care in your appearance. Hair should be well kept with a trimmed, flattering cut. Use a frizz control product especially in humid conditions. If you color your hair, keep up with treatments to avoid showing roots or gray.

Wear a touch of make-up for a smooth, polished look to give yourself a more confident air. There is nothing wrong with looking attractive but aim for understatement, letting your natural beauty shine through.

Dressing for success can help you feel confident and good about yourself as you go about your business. The secret is to buy investment pieces that can be worn often, stay looking fresh and help you look great.

Amber Hoverson my manager added a great tip about wearing clothes in a retail shop, ” ask yourself if I walk into a shop would I want to buy this outfit if the answer is NO then don’t wear it.”

Do Squirrels Make Pets? Do Parrots Ride Motorcycles?

You know the saying, “you learn something new everyday,” today I learned

something new. My husband and I work some Saturday’s at the Flea Market and today we were there.

We usually bring one or both of our birds with us. Today we had Luna, our Goffin Cockatoo. She attracts everyone to our booth between her screaming and her beauty. People are always amazed at how she stay’s on David’s shoulders and doesn’t fly away.

Today something more amazing than our cockatoo came by our booth. I had a guy come by who had a squirrel on his shoulder.

Do squirrels make pets?

 Well as a general rule I read they do not make good pets. This guy has had his squirrel since it was a baby. I have to say I was very impressed how quiet and good the squirrel was.

Here is a pic of the guy and his pet squirrel. We talked for awhile and I found out he had a parrot also.

Do parrots ride motorcycles?

Well before today I would have said no way but I saw the video of his parrot riding a motorcycle. I am a believer now!

Here it is… can u believe??

Let me know what you think about this post.

Night Life Series

You are in the heart of the city, pulse vibrating with the constant rush of the night life.

Cars fighting to get through the small streets, a picturesque scene of New Orleans at night paints out before your eyes.

And yet you know there is more waiting to be revealed, waiting to be unveiled. As you follow two strangers on Bourbon Street you venture deeper into the night life, the night life of New Orleans.

This is a series of Abstract Photography done at night in Seville Quarter which is in Pensacola, Florida. Seville Quarter very much has that New Orleans feel to it which is one of the reason I love it. Any way these pictures remind me of the night life of New Orleans!

“Hanging Round” The first in the “Night Life Series”

The night is young, people are just starting to venture out. the night life begins!

Night Scene” #2 in the “Night Life Series” Feel the beat, the movement, the excitement of the night life!!

“Red Light” #3 in the “Night Life Series”
In the heat of the night..Feel the hustle, bustle, the electricity in the streets. The heart of the night life.

“Late Night” #4 in the “Night Life Series”
Late into the night, wee hours of the morning, every thing is a haze, the end of the night life,, for now anyway!

Night Life

Willie Nelson

When the evenin’ sun goes down

You will find me hangin’ ’round

The night life ain’t no good life

But it’s my life

Many people just like me

Dreamin’ of old used-to-be’s

And the night life ain’t no good life

But it’s my life

Listen to the blues they’re playin’

Listen to what the blues are sayin’

Mine is just another scene

From the world of broken dreams

And the night life ain’t no good life

But it’s my life

The night life ain’t no good life

But it’s my life

Laguna’s on the Boardwalk

In a hurry and want something fast or just want to sit outside, relax, and people watch. You can do both at Laguna’s.

Today I had only 30 minute’s for lunch so popped on over to Laguna’s for a quick bite. They tempted me with their BLT. It was brought out in a very short time. It is made with fresh fish and smoked bacon. Oh so yummy! You can choose from a variety of side dishes. I picked the rice pilaf which was very good.

Now Sunday was Father’s day and David & I both had a long day of working. So we wanted to just relax. We went to Laguna’s and sat outside. Our favorite guy, Cody,waited on us. David is the kind of person that when he finds something he likes he usually orders the same thing each time. Therefore he ordered his favorite, the breaded wings. I am one of those people who always wants to try something each time different. So I decided to try the nachos. They were a very light dish, not heavy and filling, with fresh guacamole. I will most certainly be ordering these again.

The weather was perfect. they had a little breeze going so we sat there, relaxed, enjoyed our food and just people watched.

Was a great way to end Father’s day!!


LOVE Jewelry!!!

I decided to make jewelry today since I was off. The collection is called:”LOVE Jewelry”

The first piece ic called “Rose Marie”

My mother died when I was 10 days old. I have always had this pendant of her’s and never knew what to do with it. Today I figured it out. I had some black onyx beads I brought a long time ago to make David a necklace. I used them and added the pendant to make this necklace in memory of my mom.
My husband and I went on a cruise in the Mexican Rivera when we got married. He brought me a cross in Porta Vallarta. I decided to make a necklace with freshwater pearls and the cross for my love of him. it is called “Mexican Love Cross” 

I made a bracelet for my daughter, Andrea. It is called, “Angel of Hope”. It is made with semi-precious stones and 2 charms.

 I then decided to make one for my grand daughter Cameron called “Purple Haze Love”. it is a cute girly necklace.

These 2 remind me of my sisters Liz and Madeline. The metallic gold one with Queen Elizabeth copper pendant and little heart squares  reminds me of Liz, therefore named “The Liz Necklace.”

The orange seed bead one has a little heart pendant with a bull on it which reminds me of Madeline. Her sign is Taurus the Bull. It is named,”Orange Bull Energy Necklace.”

Of course I could not forget to do one just for me. “Faith Bracelet” it is to remind me of my faith and to put God first, Family second, and Work third.

Look for more of my jewelry at:

Light House Windows

Green WindowI visited Pensacola Light House and took some great pictures of the windows there from my perspective. Hope you enjoy!


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