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New Orleans-Fleur de lis

Well I decided to paint a few more fleur de lis. These three pieces of art all all original mixed media collage art on canvas. They are 8″X10″. All small art on canvas. Enjoy!



Pretty! Yeah pretty

kari bish web

Merry Christmas!!!

I took prepress a few semesters back  designed some cards. I decided to design two Christmas cards. I have just re-designed them for the internet. Wish would of had more time to design some new cards but these will have to do.

Wishing each and everyone of you a most blessed and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year!!!



Tis the Season!

It is December and Christmas will be here before we know it.  Here a re a few pictures to get you in the Christmas mood! Well, maybe it’s to get me in the mood. LOL










illustration Friday-Tall


Italian Fashion Stamp

Photo A Day- Day 9

Purple Bubbles

Illustration Friday-Lonely

This is my interpretation of lonely:

Weekly Photo Challenge-Purple

I decided for the challenge this week to do something a little bit different. These are some of my illustrations I have done for Graphic Design.

The first is Purple Stockings. I used this in a CD package I designed



This second one is a design I did for a wine bottle. I wanted to do something really different for this so I painted the picture using wine.


And here is the finished wine bottle. the wine is named “Raging Red Head.”

LOVE Jewelry!!!

I decided to make jewelry today since I was off. The collection is called:”LOVE Jewelry”

The first piece ic called “Rose Marie”

My mother died when I was 10 days old. I have always had this pendant of her’s and never knew what to do with it. Today I figured it out. I had some black onyx beads I brought a long time ago to make David a necklace. I used them and added the pendant to make this necklace in memory of my mom.
My husband and I went on a cruise in the Mexican Rivera when we got married. He brought me a cross in Porta Vallarta. I decided to make a necklace with freshwater pearls and the cross for my love of him. it is called “Mexican Love Cross” 

I made a bracelet for my daughter, Andrea. It is called, “Angel of Hope”. It is made with semi-precious stones and 2 charms.

 I then decided to make one for my grand daughter Cameron called “Purple Haze Love”. it is a cute girly necklace.

These 2 remind me of my sisters Liz and Madeline. The metallic gold one with Queen Elizabeth copper pendant and little heart squares  reminds me of Liz, therefore named “The Liz Necklace.”

The orange seed bead one has a little heart pendant with a bull on it which reminds me of Madeline. Her sign is Taurus the Bull. It is named,”Orange Bull Energy Necklace.”

Of course I could not forget to do one just for me. “Faith Bracelet” it is to remind me of my faith and to put God first, Family second, and Work third.

Look for more of my jewelry at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CamiJewelry?ref=ss_profile

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