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All In Black- Challenge, A small art each day!

I am challenging myself to produce one or more pieces of art each day.

This is a mixed media piece.

Our lady is all in black and going somewhere. Where do you think she is going??

Abstract Flowers

Simple abstract flowers. Mixed Media art.

Mr. Bob

Someone told me ‘No Art Is Perfect’. For me it is about bringing joy and happiness to other people.

I saw a blue heron a few days ago at my new job. I was told his name is Mr. Bob. Here is my watercolor of him. Hope you enjoy!


Mixed Media Painting

Velma is beautiful young debutante waiting patiently to be asked to dance. Are you going to be the one? She’s looking your way. Go ahead and ask her. The night is young.

Swirling Flower

To be a beginner you have to begin. To be a great artist you need to practice, practice, practice.

Therefore, my goal is to try to do a small piece of art each day. This is my first one. It is a watercolor.

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