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Weekly Photo Challenge -Love

Pucker up and KISS ME!!!


Weekly Travel Challenge- Walls

wall wm wall2 wm wall3 wm wall4 wm

Wild weekly Photo Challenge-Now

I took these pictures this week. I took some walking along the beach and some at a Bird sanctuary I visited.

now_Page_1 now_Page_2 now_Page_3 now_Page_5 now_Page_6 now_Page_7 now_Page_8


lets be wild

Sunday Post-Focused Attention


From Birds to Girls

Here is my newest piece of art…


Archipelago Jewelry Business Cards

I am designing my sister some business cards. Here are two examples I just finished for her.. Let me know which one you like better.

Number 1(front & back)

archipelgo bc3_Page_1

archipelgo bc3_Page_2

Number 2 (front & back

archipelgo bc5_Page_2


archipelgo bc5_Page_1


Hiding Behind Love

flower girl1 wm

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