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Photo A Day- Day 80- Macro Branch


Photo A Day- Day 79- Leaf

Wordless Wednesday


Texture Tuesday- Pixie Curl


Sunday Post- Natural Resources

My husband had to go to Baker, Florida today so I went along for the ride. While he was inside taking care of business I pulled out my camera and captured these pictures. I love the way they turned out.

The bottle brush trees red flowers attract nectar loving bees. Hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as i enjoyed taking them.

The Sunday Post Challenge this week is Natural Resources. I decided this would fit perfectly since the bottle brush tree provides nectar for the bees. the bees then turn this natural resource into sweet honey that we get to eat.

Photo a Day- Day 78- How sweet it is

Photo a Day- day 77- iphone photography

Taking the Easy Way !!

Carol’s easy way of Cooking:

When I lived in Louisiana I use to cook everything from scratch. I made my crust from scratch for homemade pies and spent time over the stove making Roux for that famous gumbo of mine. I am not sure if I just like taking the easy way out as I have gotten older or I just like my life a lot less complicated. Maybe i just like my time to do other things either way i still cook great just easier.

Like tonight, I decided to make chicken and sausage gumbo, rice, baked yams, and dutch apple pie.

Here is my easy way of cooking:

For gumbo I brought a baked chicken from Publix, took all the meat off the bones, and threw it in a large pot that I added chicken stock, fresh celery, white onion, and green onion that I cut up, but you can buy frozen cut up onions and bell peppers instead for an even easier way. I used Tony Chacheres Instant Roux, I know you can’t believe it, but I promise it is as good as making it from scratch. You don’t have to tell anyone! I then added minced garlic, you can buy in a jar, and fresh parsley. I sliced smoked sausage and added to pot.  Oh yeah can’t forget to add gumbo File. Now all I have to do is add a little Tony’s seasoning and let it slow cook. Easy as pie.

Speaking of pie. I just got an Marie Callender’s Dutch apple pie and baked it in the oven while gumbo was simmering.  I also put some sweet potatoes in the microwave. When ready cut them open add butter, cinnamon and sugar and they are ready.  Just don’t forget the rice. You can’t have gumbo without rice.

Serve in your best china and everyone will think you spent all day cooking. It will be our little secret.


Photo A Day- Day 76- Stocking Hanging

it’s that time of the year. Have you hung your stocking out yet. Here is what stocking hanging looks like when you live on the beach.

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