Do Squirrels Make Pets? Do Parrots Ride Motorcycles?

You know the saying, “you learn something new everyday,” today I learned

something new. My husband and I work some Saturday’s at the Flea Market and today we were there.

We usually bring one or both of our birds with us. Today we had Luna, our Goffin Cockatoo. She attracts everyone to our booth between her screaming and her beauty. People are always amazed at how she stay’s on David’s shoulders and doesn’t fly away.

Today something more amazing than our cockatoo came by our booth. I had a guy come by who had a squirrel on his shoulder.

Do squirrels make pets?

 Well as a general rule I read they do not make good pets. This guy has had his squirrel since it was a baby. I have to say I was very impressed how quiet and good the squirrel was.

Here is a pic of the guy and his pet squirrel. We talked for awhile and I found out he had a parrot also.

Do parrots ride motorcycles?

Well before today I would have said no way but I saw the video of his parrot riding a motorcycle. I am a believer now!

Here it is… can u believe??

Let me know what you think about this post.


your feedback greatly appreciated.

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