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Three Tea Bag Ladies (God’s gifts)

I am so excited to introduce you to my three wonderful Tea Bag Ladies.

Tea Bag Lady #1- Peace

Peace has such a wonderful soul. Come on in and sit at her kitchen table. She will fix you a cup of green tea, listen to you, and give you comfort. She would love to become friends with you. You just got to get to know her.

Peace was made from a green tea bag , vintage religious music papers, acrylic paints, on a 6×6 canvas.

Tea Bag Lady #2- Joy

Joy is always singing praises to her Lord and Savior. She is on her way to Sunday service but anytime you pass by her house she is usually outside working in her gorgeous flower bed just a singing praise songs. If you stop by and say hi she will be glad to share all she knows about flowers, give you a sweet smelling bouquet and add a little joy to your life.

Joy is made using a tea bag, vintage religious music paper, vintage writing, acrylic paints, and on 6×6 canvas.

Tea Bag Lady #3- Love

Love is so fun. She is exciting and full of energy. She is always willing to help with anything you need. She is one of those neighbors who loves to cook and is always bRinging you over one of her wonderful dishes to try just because. She is a wonderful friend that you need in your life. You have just got to get to know this wonderful lady.

Love made using tea bag, vintage papers, acrylic paints, on a 6×6 canvas.

To get one of these sweet ladies or all three email for more info.

Girl you so FLY!

I had so much fun doing this mixed media collage. Thank you for the inspiration PYHAS2018.

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