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Liz on Vacation

My sister  asked me if I would do an illustration of her. So here it is:


Blue Jean fashion illustration

blue-jeansmy first illustration of the New Year! I hope to have more time this year to draw.


My jewelry in Magazine!!!!

My jewelry, “Loethen Design”  is in this month’s Coastal Lifestyle magazine. The pictures of the girls are from the magazine and the pictures of jewelry are mine. The clothes and my jewelry can be found at “Vivan’s Loft.”

swf card2 swf-card1 western-key-necklace

Beach Day!!!

Well, got up and dressed for the beach this morning. Hoping I do get to spent some time today actually on the beach.. Seems like I live on the beach but never get to enjoy it. Let’s hope today is the day I do get to enjoy it a little bit before someone calls and I have something else I have to do…

me june 2013 web

It’s Here! Summer Preview!

Here is a preview of my new Summer Jewelry Collection.

daisy dressclose up2 wm


              Dreaming Daises

metal detectionwm


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Metal Detection


flower child wm


 Via De Sole


Silver Mist wm


             Silver Beach


shell beach wm


Summer Nights

Two Of Me in One!!

two of me

Photo a Day- Day 25- Wire Girls

Wire Girls- “Let’s Find a Bathroom SOON!”

Dress for Summertime Success!

Summer is here, and as the temperatures rise, the hemlines also rise. In the summertime it seems like anything goes in the wardrobe department. That is not necassarily the case for the workplace.

I started working at Envie Boutique a month ago and just recently got promoted to part of the management team. Therefore I want to wear attire that adheres to company’s dress code policy. Working in retail can be different than working in an office atmosphere.

Dressing for the workplace when its warm outside can be challenging. You have to find the right balance between staying cool and looking professional. remember you are aiming for a sharp sophisticated look.

Being part of the management team means I work at both of our retail stores, Envie Boutique, which is a higher end retail shop, and Salty Beach Outfitters, which is more of a casual beach shop. Robert Hosking, executive director of staffing service OfficeTeam, shares this advice:”Even if you know for certain that the dress code is casual, make sure you are dressed on the higher end of the scale.”

SHOES: If your company allows open toe shoes, Keith Fulsher, Chief merchandising officer at Dress Barn, says to try pairing your outfits with stylish strappy sandals or wedges.

Dresses and Skirts: Dresses are a great choice for warm weather. Stay cool tip for the summer: Get rid of polyester and instead go for linen and cotton fabrics which will keep you a lot cooler in the summer.

Tops: If you decide to go sleeveless make sure no straps are showing. Also make sure the rest of the outfit is more conservative.

Shorts: If your company allows you to wear shorts make sure the length is not too short. A good way to check is to stand straight, arms on side, if shorts are above the tips of your fingers then it is too short. This is a good rule of thumb for skirts also.

Colors: Switch to softer neutrals and pastals for the summer. Avoid black as it is much hotter. Choose colors such as white, off-white, taupe, gray, and navy.

Appearance: It is equally important to take care in your appearance. Hair should be well kept with a trimmed, flattering cut. Use a frizz control product especially in humid conditions. If you color your hair, keep up with treatments to avoid showing roots or gray.

Wear a touch of make-up for a smooth, polished look to give yourself a more confident air. There is nothing wrong with looking attractive but aim for understatement, letting your natural beauty shine through.

Dressing for success can help you feel confident and good about yourself as you go about your business. The secret is to buy investment pieces that can be worn often, stay looking fresh and help you look great.

Amber Hoverson my manager added a great tip about wearing clothes in a retail shop, ” ask yourself if I walk into a shop would I want to buy this outfit if the answer is NO then don’t wear it.”

Fashionista or Window Cleaner??

Me washing windows

Yesterday was my 3rd day at a new job. I am now a sales associate at Envy Boutique. I love it there, I am one of those girls who loves fashionl and they have all the latest styles and trends.

Well, anyway, I went to work and my manager asked me If I wouldn’t mind cleaning the windows outside before we opened since it is the big Memorial weekend. I agreed, thinking to myself, I hope no one sees me doing this. What usually happens when you don’t want anyone to see you. You are not going to believe this but the Pensacola News Journal, (our newspaper), comes up to me and asks, you guessed it , if I wouldn’t mind my picture taken. What’s a girl gonna do? ok why not, I went for it, thinking oh well they probably won’t even use this picture. LOL

Behold at 7 am Monday morning , Memorial Day, {the next morning) I get a text, “Great picture of you in the paper today.”

It’s a good thing I can laugh at myself and don’t mind my friends seeing the humor in this. It is not often you catch me cleaning windows!

All I can say is:” you gotta take publicity anyway you can get it!”


Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers

.Isaac Asimov

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