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Clothed in Beauty

Heaven’s Flowers

Tear of a goddess

New Life

New Life- The Easter bunny is a symbol of new life. We celebrate Jesus Christ our King dying for us on Easter. He died so we could have a New Life through his Holy Spirit.


Prince of the Ravens

Fiore Angelo

Freedom to choose

I don’t usually do this but because of something that happened this week I am writing this.

I shared a post on FB which gots tons of comments,some very rude and ugly.

I was blessed to be born In the United States where I have freedom to speech, freedom to go where I want, freedom of religion, and many other freedoms.

I believe God created us in his image, He made each of us unique and different. We each have different beliefs and make different choices. Being also an artist and creative I love that we are each different and have different perspectives and views.

I love a good debate with someone where we are on opposite sides and both discuss our view about the issues, polices, laws, of the day.

I happen to be a Trump fan and that is my right. I think he has done good for this country. I am fine with others having a different view but it does not give you the right to disrespect the office of President or to disrespect me because of my views.

When you get personal and call people names on my timeline just because I shared a post you are wrong. I would never do that to you.

I will not be bullied, intimidated, silenced, or made to delete my post when there is nothing wrong with them. But I will delete rude, ugly, personal comments from people who are suppose to be friends. Friends love friends even when their views are different.

I will still love you but unfriend you if you cannot act with respect on my FB timeline. You can do whatever you want on your own FB timeline.

Just Incase you were wondering what the share I posted was:

Day at the Beach

Sold these 2 in my Etsy shop “Loethen Design” today.

Big 2020 Sale‼️ Almost everything in my shop is marked down.

Chick chick

Sold my cute little chick chick

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