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Is it the Dress or the Reason?


Did you go out shopping and buy a new dress for today? Easter is always the day you see everyone out in their new Easter outfits in beautiful pastel colors of pinks, greens, yellows, blues and purples.

Just don’t forget the main reason for today. It is not about your new dress or about the candy and Easter eggs even though those are great.

It is about Jesus and that he died for each of us so that we may live. He Is Risen!!!Amen!

Look What I Found on the Beach Today!!!

photo (1)




I Got A Surprise Today!

My birthday is coming up on July 1st and I have been feeling a little depressed about it. My daughter and grand kids usually visit for my birthday and this year they can’t come. I am going to be 53 and I think just being over that 50 puts me in a whole other category. I am getting OLD!

So today when the post man came knocking on my door it was a wonderful surprise. My sister Liz who designs jewelry (Archipelago Jewelry), like me (Cami Jewelry) sent me this gorgeous pair of earrings.

I Love,love,love, these earrings. Thanks so much Liz for the wonderful surprise today!!


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