Laguna’s on the Boardwalk

In a hurry and want something fast or just want to sit outside, relax, and people watch. You can do both at Laguna’s.

Today I had only 30 minute’s for lunch so popped on over to Laguna’s for a quick bite. They tempted me with their BLT. It was brought out in a very short time. It is made with fresh fish and smoked bacon. Oh so yummy! You can choose from a variety of side dishes. I picked the rice pilaf which was very good.

Now Sunday was Father’s day and David & I both had a long day of working. So we wanted to just relax. We went to Laguna’s and sat outside. Our favorite guy, Cody,waited on us. David is the kind of person that when he finds something he likes he usually orders the same thing each time. Therefore he ordered his favorite, the breaded wings. I am one of those people who always wants to try something each time different. So I decided to try the nachos. They were a very light dish, not heavy and filling, with fresh guacamole. I will most certainly be ordering these again.

The weather was perfect. they had a little breeze going so we sat there, relaxed, enjoyed our food and just people watched.

Was a great way to end Father’s day!!



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