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Roll them out RAWHIDE!!!

What does ‘Rawhide’ have to do with this? Well, nothing really… the cowhide just reminded me of the show I use to watch as a kid. There I go reveling my age, LOL Anyway, ‘ Rawhide’ was a show on TV when I was young. It portrayed the challenges men faced while out on the cattle trail. I guess  that is the similarity cattle trail and cowhide vest.

I have this crazy awesome girlfriend, who is a real cowgirl from Texas. She gave me this beautiful cowhide vest to wear. I am just the fashion , artsy type who fell in love with the vest. my girlfriend texted me last night and asked for a pic of the vest. So here you go… me wearing this sweet cowhide vest.

cowhide cowhide2

Fashion is my passion!

I love everything to do with fashion! I love all the fashion magazines and checking out what is trendy and in style. I love shooting fashion photography and I am endeavoring into drawing fashion illustrations. Here is one of my attempts. I used a photo from a recent photo shoot for my inspiration.


Wrap and Shoot?

Lovely model Bianca looks beautiful in this wrap dress.  I am taking photography for a clothing store. . Here is two of the photos from an amazing photo shoot. I love doing fashion blue-dress-wm

Love is in the Air!

I had so much fun doing this photo shoot with the lovely Bianca! More pictures are in the works.  Be watching for them!

peacock dress blowingwm peacock dress fallingwm peacock dress sittingwm

love is in the air

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