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The Grade Is In!!

Today was my last day of school. I am so excited that I made a “A” in Typography.  All I have left now is to put my portfolio together next semester then I graduate in May. Can’t believe I am finally getting to the end.


Circles “The Big Easy”

Circles in “The Big Easy”

DSC_9953 wm

DSC_5658 wm

DSC_9972 wm



yellow bike wm

Euro Fashion

I have been taken Typography this semester. I graduate in the spring. YEAH! Our last project is to design a typeface. I love fashion. It is one of my passions. Therefore, I decided to design a display typeface for fashion magazines.

Here is the poster I did for it: EUROFASHION

eurofashion2 wm


I love the way this turned out. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Photo A Day- #64- Bibb Lettuce FOR SALE!!

Photo Art Friday- Life

Bonnie has asked us this week to compose a seven word sentence that describes your life or experience or process as an artist and marry your sentence to a piece of photo art.

I use to think I was in control of everything in my life then I lost my baby sister, my grandmother, and my husband within three years. This turned my world upside down and made me realize I have no control, the only one in control is God. I now say “Life is too short, enjoy every minute!”

5 Fact Friday

Five Fact Friday ask that you list 5 facts about yourself so here goes:

1. I work 35 to 40 hours a  week as part of the management team for 2 stores. One is a high end clothing store and the other other is more of a casual beachy clothing store.

2. I have a jewelry business, Cami Jewelry, where I design and make jewelry, and sell these items on Etsy and in a shop on the beach. i also have another business with my husband, Loethen Art Designs. I sell our photography on Etsy and in  a shop on the beach.

3. I am going to school for Graphic Design. I am taking Typography this semester.

4. I have two beautiful spoiled birds as pets. Sole, my Sun Conure, and Luna, a Goffin Cockatoo.

5. I have 11 grand children ranging from 18 years old to a few days old. Brittany, Brain, Tiffany, Brandon,Cameron,Grant, Gavin, Brody, Brooklyn, and newest grand daughter Jordyn.

Texture Tuesday- Back to School

I just started back to school, and I am taking typography this semester. Therefore, I decided to take a picture of some of my typography books. The two filters I used are: print and elevate.


I loved words. I love to sing them andspeak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice

Macro Monday- Franklin


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