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Is it the Dress or the Reason?


Did you go out shopping and buy a new dress for today? Easter is always the day you see everyone out in their new Easter outfits in beautiful pastel colors of pinks, greens, yellows, blues and purples.

Just don’t forget the main reason for today. It is not about your new dress or about the candy and Easter eggs even though those are great.

It is about Jesus and that he died for each of us so that we may live. He Is Risen!!!Amen!


Weekly Photo Challenge-Green

Nothing says green more to me than taking a walk on Saturday morning at Palafox Market. Vendors sell fresh vegetables, fruits, cakes and candies, art, and flowers. It is a wonderful way to spent a Saturday morning. I happened to be there last Saturday and took these pictures. Enjoy!!









Weekend Reflections- Florence, Italy

Photo A Day- Day 25- Fashion Merge

Fashion accessories in store window in Italy. As you can see me, the store window, and the streets of Italy are all merging togeher.

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