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Sketchbook Project 2018- Bethany

I am working on the sketchbook project for 2018. It is a small little sketchbook that will be in The Brooklyn Art Library.

The theme I picked is “no worries”. I believe no matter where you live in the world we all have worries but if we put our faith in Jesus Christ we are saved by grace. We can give our worries to him and have joy and peace inside no matter what troubles are in the world.

I am painting global women from all around the world who are determined to live a life filled with joy and peace in their hearts or you could call it no worries.

These are not perfect women, they are just ordinary women living with their faith in God who has granted them the grace of salvation.

Hope you will enjoy seeing these women. Meet Bethany.


Photo A Day- Day 94- Action!

action wm

Photo A Day- Day 93- Spray Painted

spray painted wm

Photo A Day- Day 92- Euro Fashion Poster 2

euro posters_Page_2

Photo A Day- Day 91- Shark


Photo A Day- Day 88- Feeding the Parrots

feeding parrots wm

Phot of the Day- day 85- merry-go-round

merry go round wm

Photo of the Day-Day 84- Navy Flag and a Blue Angel Jet

blues flag wm

Photo A Day- Day 76- Stocking Hanging

it’s that time of the year. Have you hung your stocking out yet. Here is what stocking hanging looks like when you live on the beach.

Photo A Day- day 75- Dani Indian Princess

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