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Does this look like a Irish girl to you?

Well I am not sure if she looks Irish or not but I thought the Ishish name Sorcha which means ” bright and shining” fits her perfectly.

colored hair

Genesis Green

DSC_0372-1 DSC_0402-1 DSC_0432 DSC_0454

Billy Droze

I got the privilege to photograph this awesome singer/songwriter from Nashville,TN.

DSC_9012-wm DSC_9140wm DSC_9155wm

Sunset Skimmers

I have been down the last few days since all the kids and grand kids have left. Last night David decided we should take our cameras and go out to the beach. He knew just what I needed to cheer me up. Notthing like taking a walk on the beach in the evening. Always calms me and make me realize how thankful I am for all the things I have. Plus I had so much fun taking pictures of the skimmers on the beach.










Birds on Beach

DSC_7488 DSC_7514 DSC_7516 DSC_7535

Pub Crawl

I am currently doing an internship with Lamar graphics. I recently had the opportunity to design some billboards for the Pensacola Beach Pub Crawl. I had to take pictures of the billboards as they satrted showing yesterday in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The billboards are digital and therefore when I took the picture the backgrounds look a pink color when in reality they are cream, but anyway you can see what they look like. I am so excited to be able to show these to you.

pot of gold


pub crawl


dine irish

Beach Sunset

I was walking the beach tonight at sunset and decided to take a few pics. Hope you enjoy!beach_Page_1 beach_Page_2 beach_Page_3 beach_Page_4 beach_Page_5 beach_Page_6 beach_Page_7 beach_Page_8 beach_Page_9

Wordless Wednesday- Sailing

sail wm


wordless wednesday

To Listen or not to Listen! That is the question?

Well you know when someone tells you something and you don’t listen then later you wish you would have listened to them. This morning I was going to the grocery store and decided I would take a few pics at the beach first. I am grabbing my camera and my husband says, ” take an extra battery with you.” I had just charged up my camera batteries a few days before so I say, ” I just want to take a few pictures.” FEW being the optimum word. I got to take just that , a few pics, nine to be exact, then the camera quit. Guess why? The battery was dead. I should have listened to my husband. Well I did get lucky. Here are two of those pics.

surfs up wm

pier wm

Photo A Day- Day 91- Shark


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