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Fashion Illustrations for 2015

Newest illustrations of the day!




moments oil multi

Golden Moments

moments notepaper

Does this look like a Irish girl to you?

Well I am not sure if she looks Irish or not but I thought the Ishish name Sorcha which means ” bright and shining” fits her perfectly.

colored hair

Blue Jean fashion illustration

blue-jeansmy first illustration of the New Year! I hope to have more time this year to draw.


Genesis Green

DSC_0372-1 DSC_0402-1 DSC_0432 DSC_0454


I feel in love with the Calvin Klien ad, “Provocations” in the new Nylon magazine. This is what I created from the inspiration the ad gave me.sebastiane2



What kind of shampoo did u say this was?

my hair wm

The Girls of New Orleans-Street Photography

I love New Orleans! I have this fasanation where I go I have to take pictures of mannequins. i am not sure if it my love of color and fashion or what but here are some of the pics I took while in one of my favorite places.







The new me!!!

Hey everyone I am back and have a whole new look. Sorry have been so busy last few weeks have not had a chance to be on here. Had Songwriter’s Festival then had a magazine was working on plus my regular job and school. I am finally caught up. So anyway, I decided I needed a new look. I have gone from a blond to a red head. So what do you think???

Photo A day- Day 47- Caden

My grand son Caden acting silly. He is 18 months old, and he is so CUTE!!!

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