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Hippy Chicky!!!





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Beach Day!!!

Well, got up and dressed for the beach this morning. Hoping I do get to spent some time today actually on the beach.. Seems like I live on the beach but never get to enjoy it. Let’s hope today is the day I do get to enjoy it a little bit before someone calls and I have something else I have to do…

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A Day at the Beach

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Double the Good News!

I am so excited to learn when i got home today that I won an “Thumbs Up” Award for this photo on View Bug.

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self portrait, black n white, http://www.viewbug.com/photo/536358

I also got this picture picked for a treasury on Etsy.

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More Circus!!!

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The new me!!!

Hey everyone I am back and have a whole new look. Sorry have been so busy last few weeks have not had a chance to be on here. Had Songwriter’s Festival then had a magazine was working on plus my regular job and school. I am finally caught up. So anyway, I decided I needed a new look. I have gone from a blond to a red head. So what do you think???

Songwriters Festival-Youngbloods

David & I had the pleasure of being volunteers for the Songwriters Festival.  We were asked to be the photographers for this awesome event. we had a most wonderful week meeting the songwriters and taking their pictures.

I liked you to meet Steven and Sandra Youngblood. Steven and Sandra’s music has a tropical feel to it. they want people to relax when they listen to their music. Steven has hit the weekly country charts as a songwriter and artist with, “Guitars and fishing poles.” their music was so much fun that kids were up at the stage dancing. i captured some of them enjoying the music.










Photo A Day- Day 53- Surfers

Street Photography-Pensacola Gallery Night


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