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Guardian of the Door


Which Path Do You Choose?


Our Pastor spoke about this verse Sunday at church and it really made me think about what kind of path we leave as we go through life and others see. I want my children and grand children to know and see that I follow the straight path. I am not perfect and I stumble upon many rocks along the way but I do have Jesus Christ who gives me peace and joy as I travel this path. I know that Jesus died for me on the cross so that mine and your sins may be forgiven. He freely gives us grace and salvation all we have to do is open that door and let Jesus in our heart.You will never be the same again. Some people think it means you become boring and no fun, a slave, chained, but it is the exact opposite. You are in chains and darkness until you find Jesus Christ.The freedom, the light, the love Jesus gives is radical. As you go through life, yes there will be sorrow and tough times, but deep inside you can find the peace and joy to survive that only Jesus can give. We have hope  knowing one day we will be with Jesus Christ. So choose to walk the straight path that others can see which leads to Jesus and his love, peace, and joy.


Passport Stamp Exercise

passport card

Circles “The Big Easy”

Circles in “The Big Easy”

DSC_9953 wm

DSC_5658 wm

DSC_9972 wm



yellow bike wm

Travel Theme-Red


This was taken in the Mexican Riviera.

Bunkie, Louisiana

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Red Abstract

Wordless Wednesday- #2

Ok this is really tough for me.. Wordless Wednesday means a picture with no words-you let the picture do the talking- that is really hard for me since I love to talk. Okay, I  cleaned all the words off that I typed and here is the picture for you to interpret as you will.



Photo a Day- Day14

Perugia, Italy

Accordian Player

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