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Movie- Bat Girl


Fashion Phottography

haley transformed web

Hiding Behind Love

flower girl1 wm

Weekly Photo Challenge -Illumination

illunination_Page_01 illunination_Page_02 illunination_Page_03 illunination_Page_04 illunination_Page_05 illunination_Page_06 illunination_Page_07 illunination_Page_08 illunination_Page_09 illunination_Page_10 illunination_Page_11 illunination_Page_12 illunination_Page_13 illunination_Page_14 illunination_Page_15

Christmas Eve on the Beach

I decided to go walking on the beach this evening right before sunset. i t was foggy and I got some great shots. Here they are:

boy looking down wm

boy playing wm

boy sitting wm

boy sunset wm

face in sunset wm

four sunset wm

golden wm

sea oats wm

sea oats2 wm

seagull wm

waves wm

woman wm

Photo A Day- Day 89- Sunset

sunset wm

photo a Day- Day 55

Sunday Sunset- Sun Setting



Mandarin Monday

Mandarin Sunset


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