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The Business Card- Loethen Design

I am a huge fan of David Carson. I love his work and I drew inspiration from his designs for the creation of these business cards. I have been trying to perfect the look I want for my business cards for a few weeks now.

I decided to use my own typeface on the front that I designed in Typography. It is called Eurofashion.

Here are my two fav’s so far. What do you think?

the first front of business card

my type bc_Page_1

Second front of Business card

my type on white bc_Page_1

This will be the back for both cards

my type bc_Page_2

Archipelago Jewelry Business Cards

I am designing my sister some business cards. Here are two examples I just finished for her.. Let me know which one you like better.

Number 1(front & back)

archipelgo bc3_Page_1

archipelgo bc3_Page_2

Number 2 (front & back

archipelgo bc5_Page_2


archipelgo bc5_Page_1


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