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Beach Day!!!

Well, got up and dressed for the beach this morning. Hoping I do get to spent some time today actually on the beach.. Seems like I live on the beach but never get to enjoy it. Let’s hope today is the day I do get to enjoy it a little bit before someone calls and I have something else I have to do…

me june 2013 web


Fashion Phottography

haley transformed web

Let’s Go Surfing!

sab desaturatedwm

Photo a Day- Day 72- Haley

Photo a Day- Day 33-40- Beach Photo Shoot

Since I was out of time I did not get to post my photo a day. To make up for this I am posting 8 pictures from a phot shoot I did on the beach. Hope you enjoy!








Photo A Day- Day 32- Haley in Yellow

Beacj Photo Shoot

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