Valentine love cards

some of my cards I designed for Valentines Day.


Purple Cornflowers #1

My first watercolor painting of the New Year. “Purple Cornflowers”

A Painting A Day #1 for 2018

you can find more pics and purchase here


All things are Possible-2018

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

And God blessed man. Genesis 1:1,27

Blessed is the man who is like a tree planted by streams of water

That yields its fruit in its season,

And its leaf does not wither. Psalms 1:3

Behold, the virgin Mary shall conceive and bear a son,

And they shall call his name Immanuel

(which means, God with us.) Matthew 1:23

My word for 2018 is TRUTH.

My wish for this year is a new beginning, a blessed year.

A year we attain wisdom, understanding, and truth.

May this year bear much fruit.

May I stay in the word and through the word know and live these principles.

This is my goal for 2018.

New Orleans-Fleur de lis

Well I decided to paint a few more fleur de lis. These three pieces of art all all original mixed media collage art on canvas. They are 8″X10″. All small art on canvas. Enjoy!


Flour de Lis- A Painting A Day

A Painting a Day-Rooster

Rooster- Original watercolor and soft pastel painting. My goal for 2018 is to do A Painting A Day. I am starting a little early which I am hoping will help me get in the routine. My passion is art and if I want to sell it and make it my full time business I need to spend more time painting. I am excited to see where next year will take me. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my art. you can find any of my art prints for sale on Etsy or my originals at Ebay.

A Painting A Day #3

Bee eaters – watercolor #2

Little Blue Birdie #1

Cute little female bluebird painted with watercolors.

Fight the Fear

I have been tired for weeks which has caused me to have a lull in my painting. This is the time of year when I should have everything together and be ready for the holiday season. Well, it is just not happening. Nothing I paint looks right and I can’t seem to be inspired.
I will have to explain what I think started the whole problem I made a goal a few weeks ago to do a Painting a dAy. Since then I have been looking at tons of ideas for inspiration, should I do a theme or not, what size should they be, should I do a journal or not, etc… I think this brought on the Fear and reason am so tired or maybe just because I have not had a day off in months. Anyway my mind is usually going 90 miles an hour all the time with tons of things I want to paint and now nothing. Which is really scary when you live to paint and painting is a burning passion.
I took off yesterday and am not doing anything till Monday except relax and have fun with my painting, no fear, no time crunches, just having fun!😀😀
I received a book from Amazon a few weeks ago and decided to pull it out. It is Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley.
So I decided to read and see what might inspire me.
Here is what I did today in my journal for fun. Fight the Fear, just let go, you can do it, and have fun!😀😀
I really enjoyed painting today! Thanks so much Dina Wakley for inspiring me!


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