I Can See

One thing I do know I was blind but now I See. John 9:25

My last three years have been a long journey in a lot of ways. The week after I turned 57, I started having problems with my vision. After some eye test and then seeing a specialist I found out I have Glaucoma. loosing sight in the center of both eyes, I was told I could not drive at night. Over time I have found out I also have cataracts and it has further hindered my sight. If it is raining, foggy, hazy, and even the sunset times blinds me while driving, so needless to say I don’t drive much. Luckily I have a most wonderful husband who drives me where I need to go.

Being a very independent woman, it has been a hard road to being comfortable with this new me. I was blind to it being a learning experience but God is helping me to see that there is a reason for everything. His plans are not my plans, He has a purpose for my good and for his glory. I just have to trust and obey.

“I Can See” is the name of the painting I did above. I am not an artist who usually has a vision from God of what to paint. The one above is the only painting I saw it in a vision and knew what I wanted to paint. This was painted during my struggle with accepting losing some of my sight and independence. I did not realize the significance of it at the time. For some reason I fell in love with painting and it is on my business cards. The original painting is in my bedroom where I can see it every day. I just recently realized the significance of it. For me it signifies as long as I have God in my life I will never be blind, he will always provide the light, the way, the path I need to follow. I just need to trust and obey, for he is my sight when I cannot see. He is my hope, my peace, and all is possible through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

your feedback greatly appreciated.

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