Roll them out RAWHIDE!!!

What does ‘Rawhide’ have to do with this? Well, nothing really… the cowhide just reminded me of the show I use to watch as a kid. There I go reveling my age, LOL Anyway, ‘ Rawhide’ was a show on TV when I was young. It portrayed the challenges men faced while out on the cattle trail. I guess  that is the similarity cattle trail and cowhide vest.

I have this crazy awesome girlfriend, who is a real cowgirl from Texas. She gave me this beautiful cowhide vest to wear. I am just the fashion , artsy type who fell in love with the vest. my girlfriend texted me last night and asked for a pic of the vest. So here you go… me wearing this sweet cowhide vest.

cowhide cowhide2


4 responses

  1. Your cowhide brought out a long forgotten memory. When I was in college, we had a cowhide rug from my husbands’ grandmothers farm!!!! Never thought about making it into a vest!

    1. Too bad you don’t still have it.. Can’t tell you how many things after you get rid of them I wish would of kept but at the time was of no use to me…lol

  2. Oh, and that jingle for “Rawhide” was so catchy, it is still in my head!!

    1. I can still picture the opening of the show every time I see the word rawhide and hear them saying those words as they head out on the wagon trail. Client Eastwood was so young then….

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