Carol, Carol, Or Carolee?

I have had such inspiration today. I really needed it. It has been a long week. I am normally a very optimistic and happy person all the time but the last two days I have been down and a little depressed. Well I found two ladies who have just brightened up my day and got my thinking juices flowing.

First of all let me introduce you to Carol Carlisle. She has one funny blog named Light Words. You have to take a look at her blog.  I loved her post “What dance are you doing the day after Christmas?” it put a smile on my face.

Then there is Carolee, her blog is named “My silly Snail Blog.” Anyone who can write about snails for a whole year, 365 days to be exact and make it funny can’t be all bad. LOL

Ok, my mind works in mysterious ways so here goes ,this is how I got inspired and what I came up with . I was reading Carol’s post and let her know how much I liked it and told her my name just so happens to be Carol also. She in turn wrote me back and told me about Carolee and said we could have our own team of great bloggers.

I then decided to check out Carolee’s blog where I saw she has been doing a blog for a whole year on of all things snails. Snails is one of one of the last things I would choose to do a blog on, but Carolee has some wonderful  things at her site: My Silly Snail Blog

This in turn made me realize if she can do a blog on snails for a year, plus it turn out great, what can I do. Thus, the answer was born, through these two wonderful ladies.

Starting January 2013 I am going to do something once a week on the word, get ready, can you guess what it is:

Come on I give you three guesses;

you say, “You need a hint”

ok here is one.

What does my blog have in common with these other two blogs?

Did you figure it out?

No, it is not that we are all women..ok you need a second hint… humm should I give you another hint or make you wait till next year….ok you win, here is another hint

we three women all have something the same

figured it out yet

yes we all have the name Carol in common. That is it!! Had you thinking there..

So for the next year once a week at least I will have a post about the work “Carol”

Looking forward to see how well I can pull this off and who knows what I may learn upon the way.. See you next year and happy blogging!! 🙂


3 responses

  1. you will do an amazing job with this personal challenge! good luck and have fun!

    1. Thanks Z,, you are a great friend!!

  2. Carol of Light words here! As of Dec. 31 I have done a post a day. Theme was light words…anything that shed light or lightened the way of 2012. I don’t know what will happen starting Jan 1, 2013 I am so use to post a day. Maybe we will have to have Carol Conversations. 🙂 I defiantly will still be cloud gathering. Anyway Good idea.

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