Photo a Day- Day 30- Got Gas??

Since hurricane Issac is heading this way and will impact us I decided to fill my car up yesterday. I drove up to my usual gas station while noticing a few other people there. As I pulled up to the pump I also noticed the regular gas had a plastic bag covering it. Well I use medium grade so I thought no problem. Got out put in my credit card and got ready to pump the gas. Insert nozzle and push down on handle waiting to see the price start circling on the pump as I fill up but nothing,,,no gas. I look around to see several people leaving and the store clerk coming out with more plastic bags. He said he was out of gas and would be a week before he would get more. Oh great, ok on to the next station. Well, luckly the next station did have gas but I am hearing so many gas stations all along the gulf coast are without gas already and the hurricane is not even here.

This reminded me of this picture of an old gas station. This was taken in the very small town of  Baker, Florida.


5 responses

  1. Here’s hoping the hurricane will miss where you live.

    1. Hope so..will let you know how it goes..Carol

      1. Please do.

      2. Everything is back to noral here. We just got rain and some wind..Louisiana took tje most of it..Will be there next week so hope things are back to noral there when I go…Carol 🙂

  2. From what I hear on the news, Louisiana was hit hard…

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