Sunday Post-Black n White

I took a photography class where i developed everything myself. Here are the some of the photos I developed from that class.



long depth of field-beach view

self portrait

my husband-David

girl on beach

self portrait-2

boys under pier

lines and shadows

shadows and texture


big tree




11 responses

  1. Amiga nueva! I am so impressed with all of these! It’s very hard to decide which one I like most; the self portraits are great, as is the girl on the beach. The first one looks like an illustration. Great post! Z

    1. Thanks so much. The first one is a large slab of marble with the reflection of a tree showing on it….Glad you liked. 🙂

  2. everything is very beautiful, great post.

    1. Thanks so much! 🙂

  3. Excellent work for this week theme my friend ,
    Thanks for sharing your stunning photography 🙂

  4. what a great series…I love the shadow on the boardwalk

  5. I’m impressed! I’m still at the point and click stage.

    1. Well you photos are great!! I love looking down at Funchai one..well like all but that one is fav.
      Thanks for such gracious comment.
      Carol 🙂

your feedback greatly appreciated.

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