Weekly Photo Challenge-Inside

David & I usually eat out most of the time.  With our schedules it just is easier plus it is our time to visit with each other but today I decided to stay inside at home and cook.

I fixed a healthy breakfast.

We had zucchini and walnut bread, plum and grapefruit juice.


I fixed a simple healthy lunch also since David had to go to work and it was just me alone at home.

I did peanut butter and grape jelly on whole wheat bread, sliced cantaloupe, and a banana apple smoothie.  I made the smoothie using fresh bananas, apple sauce to thicken it, and vanilla almond milk.

For supper I decided to surprise David and cook rotini pasta with a ground meat, mushroom tomato sauce. I also fixed something I have not had in a long time sliced vine ripened tomato’s mixed with red and yellow bell peppers. I added some vinegar , salt and pepper and viola ready. I then cooked asparagus as a side veggie to round out the dish. it was delicious!


I might have to stay inside more often. i really enjoyed cooking today!



2 responses

  1. Love the breakfast 🙂

your feedback greatly appreciated.

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