Photo A Day-Day1

I am going to try to post a photo a day. I would appreciate feedback on my photos. Hope you enjoy!

Fun in the sun on Pensacola Beach. It is summer and hot, suppose to be over 100* today, so hoping this picture will cool you off a little bit.


6 responses

  1. jumpingpolarbear | Reply

    I guess someone in the world is surfing while I’m stuck in the rain :).

    1. Sorry to hear you are stuck in the rain…but rain is a good thing even though I do prefer sunny days… many places going through drought right now…

  2. good luck with your challenge – is it a photo a day for a year? Love your starting photo – dynamic

    1. I hadn’t thought about it but now that you said a year why not…that is going to be a tough challenge but I do love challenges…

      1. arrghh don’t let me put a timeframe on if it didn’t have one its just there are some bloggers doing a photo a year challenge – a year is a lot!

      2. I am thanking you..if I give myself a challenge like a year..I am more likly to stick with it.. It hold me accountable which is a good thing…

your feedback greatly appreciated.

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